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‘Vive l’accordeur de Piano!’

('Long live the Piano Tuner!')
Piano as muse.
With my partner being a piano technician, these instruments frequently beckon my imagination. From what started as a wearable art project using repurposed piano components, a fictional world of barbarous pianos ruled by an almighty tuner king has evolved. This project has focused on revisiting creative storylines over long periods of time while exploring new creative outlets.

The Brute of an instrument had traveled far,
In order to meet with this strange fellow;
With hope he could make his piano problems,
Become pianississimo.

Greeted at the moat of the castle,
By the ferocious maître d’;
“Yes, I have an appointment,” he snarled,
“At 4:40 for A440!”

The Piano Tuner, atop a throne,
Listened carefully.
“Alas! Sir, judge my tune!”
the Beast howled angrily.

The Monster saw the crown of bones
From prev’ous insurrection,
“I don’t want no trouble, ‘Highness,
Only pitch correction.”

The harmonic pitch perfect Royal,
Poked, picked, plucked and prodded,
And then began to sharpen,
The flat keys he’s tasked to audit.

He would strike his tuning fork,
Pause, then twist his hammer,
His ears would perk,
He’d do his quick work,
Then the note would ring its true glamour.

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